Writing & Editing 101

Writing & Editing 101
Learn at your own pace and in your own time.


1. Story Structure
2. Plotting
3. The Elements of a Story
4.  Word Usage
5. Capitalization Rules
6. Point of View
7. Deep POV
8. Showing vs Telling
9. After Your Book is Complete
10. The Big Picture

Bonus content: 
Writing a Series
Self Publishing 101

This course runs in a social interactive group and you will get to chat with other writers in a friendly environment and ask your questions. 

Course cost: $80.00 

Course Presenter: Nas Dean

To enroll email:

About Nas:

Nas is a voracious reader. She reads most genres and grew up on mystery, thrillers and romance. Apart from reading, she likes travelling, gardening, music, and meeting people. She has travelled through the United States, Europe and parts of Asia. As well as Australia and New Zealand. 

She has been in the publishing industry since 2010editing and working with authors. As an editor, she makes constructive suggestions without interfering with the overall conception of your writing voice. Because as a reader, she knows what hooks a reader in from the first chapter, she can help find inconsistencies and fix the errors, making the story flow better. 

While editing, she has also been teaching writers the mechanics of writing and how to get a flawless manuscript.

The published manuscript is a reflection of her work so she aims it to be of the highest quality possible. 

From US Today Bestselling Author, Phillipa Clark:

"What a helpful course this is! I struggle with grammar but the simple, well-constructed explanations from Nas let me learn at my own pace and retain information. It is particularly useful being able to refer back to a module when I run into something I'm uncertain of in my new book. Highly recommend for anyone from absolute beginners to published authors!"

USA Today Bestselling Author, Beth Prentice:

"I loved this course! It was easy to follow, well-constructed and explained perfectly. I enjoyed that I could learn at my own speed and that I could print the modules and refer back to them when needed. And Nas was always there, ready and willing to explain anything that I didn’t quite understand, even long after the course was finished. Thank you Nas!"

What other past participants said:

"Editor Nas Dean's 'Writing and Editing 101' workshop is not only an excellent source for those new to the editing process but is also a fantastic refresher course for more experienced writers.
The lessons are easy to understand and are based on a 'learn at your own pace and in your own time' viewpoint. Ms Dean encourages her participants and generously shares her time, knowledge and experience.
This is an affordable and essential step in a writer's progress to publishing!"

      ~~Dannielle Line~~ Writer, Australia.

"Your course covered many aspects of grammar and editing. I learnt few new things. It helps to outline while planning each new book now. Thanks for putting it together!"

       ~~Natalie Edler~~ Writer, Brisbane Australia. 

"I can’t thank you enough for your course. At first it was double Dutch for a dyslexic but I have been going over and over the lessons until I began to understand them. I’ve leant so much but still have such a ways to go."

      ~ Cheryl Rosario~ Writer, Melbourne Australia.