Annick Weilche

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Winning Her Boss's Heart

by Annick Weilche

What does Madison have to do to win her Boss's heart? Madison Shaw is head over heels with her handsome boss, bank executive Scott Lyons. She's managed to keep her feelings to herself for eight months. But now, Scott finds himself in a bind she agrees to help him out. Scott cannot remember the last time he could not figure out how to handle a situation. He turns to his trusted PA for help and is relieved when she agrees. How will things develop when they spend time together outside of the office for the first time? Take the journey with Maddie and discover how she wins Scott's heart.

by Annick Weilche

An INTERPOL agent falls for the beautiful tourist but is she involved in the drug trafficking case he is investigating?

The attraction flaring between them was real…but why was he ignoring her now?
What do you do when your handbag goes missing? You team up with the handsome detective to flush out the thief!
Amanda Jones’ dramatic adventure starts when she’s on vacation on a tropical island. Teaming up with Detective Jerome Richard, she tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. But she’s more engrossed in the sparks flying between them.
Jerome needs to distance himself from Amanda to protect her from his undercover assignment, but he’s appalled by the consequences of his relationship with Amanda. Now he’ll have to let her in closer than he’s allowed anyone before if he’s to protect her from the drug cartel he’s investigating. Will he be in time to save her?
Escape to an exotic location with this thrilling story where passion collides with danger!