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Phillipa Nefri Clark

If you are an author, particularly of romance or romantic themes novels, then you need Nas Dean. Her depth of experience as an editor and mentor will take your work to the next level, no matter which of her skills you utilise. For meas a new authorit began with giving me access to her network of readers and promoting my books. In the past couple of years, I've come to rely on Nas for a lot more than readers. 

After editing three short stories in my new paranormal suspense series, I was so delighted with her knowledge and dedication that I asked her to re-edit my very first novel, now published for two years. This edit took me to places I'd never been (including utter dismay I hadn't used her from the beginning), and transformed the book into a work I am beyond proud of. Every step of the way she was there to explain points, offer suggestions when needed, and keep me on track. Nas has arranged blog tours for me, proofread, edited at all levels, and promoted my books through her many contacts. I am always happy to talk about my experiences with Nas, and recommend her no matter what level of writing you are at. hello@phillipaclark.com

Pippa Roscoe

I knew Nas from my work as an editor, her passion and
support of the romance genre was joyous and honest. But when I made the move to published author, I discovered how invaluable she is to writers. Recommended by a friend, Nas helped promote my debut book in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. Writing is a full time job and the task of self-promotion isn’t one that I relished at all. Nas made it easy, fun and managed to reach a wide audience of new readers that were far outside the scope of my twitter feed. Having someone to organise a series of blogs, gentle reminders of the post dates, reviews and fabulous encouragement not only of my book, but the different areas of social media I could use easily and happily to promote my book, was just a dream. She’s wonderful to work with, the source of fantastic advice from everything to website builders to which social media tools are best for readers, unstoppable in her passion for romance and someone I’ll be turning to again.

Jane Goodman

I'm so glad I found Nas Dean! She is hard-working, dedicated, and she really cares about the authors she supports. Nothing is too much trouble for her, and she is constantly seeking new promotional opportunities. Nas understands the needs of a writer and the publishing industry. She is always one step ahead, taking care of the other demands that get in the way of the important job...writing. I would recommend Nas to anyone who wants to build their brand and widen their circle of readers. She's a genius.

Rachael Thomas

Nas Dean came highly recommended by a friend, so when my first book
was published in 2014 I started using her services. Being new to the world of promoting my books, Nas offered advice and support that I found invaluable, ensuring my books reached the readers and fans who love them. The whole process of promoting my books has been made much less daunting. Nas keeps a track on piracy issues and is always ready to help or answer questions. Using Nas definitely helps my sales. She is invaluable and enables me to focus on the important job of writing my books, leaving the promotion in competent hands. 


Melanie Milburne

"Nas Dean is an enormous support to me as a busy author with increasing demands on my precious writing time.

She keeps track of piracy issues, organises blog tours and online forums and market places. I wonder now how I managed without her!"

Helen Lacey

"For any author wanting to build their brand, I would strongly recommend working with Nas. Every promo/blog tour I have done has helped me reach my target audience, keep in touch with my readers and strengthen my online presence.

Nas is organized, knowledgeable and efficient and always looks for new promotional opportunities."

Nicole Locke

Too busy promoting your book to write? So was I.
Being on social media, I couldn’t help but notice Nas Dean. She was everywhere and promoting the writers I like to read. So I asked her for help, and I’m ever so happy I did. 
She gets the industry, and a writer’s schedule. Most importantly, she gets what needs to be done and then does so much more.  And that means I can…get back to writing.

Nicole Locke

Louise Cusack

I’ve been using Nas Dean's services for over five years and I can barely remember when I had to do all the little things she does for me now. Not only has Nas created Goodreads and Shelfari pages, and various other online promotions, she updates these sites each time I publish a new book. She has also overhauled my website to my specifications and updates it with details of each new release.

As if that wasn’t enough, this multi-talented woman also edits, formats and uploads indie books for me, and has a network of reviewers in my genre, as well as a wide social reach in the romance industry. Not only that, she stays in front of book pirates and ensures they take your book off their site!

There are many things authors spend money on in the quest to further their careers, but Nas is hands-down the best investment I’ve ever made. Her professionalism and attention to detail allows me to let go of the promotional reins and focus on writing. This year I’m publishing 5 indie books – that’s four hundred thousand words. There is no way I could maintain that level of output if I didn’t have Nas at my back, remembering what has to be done and enacting most of it.

If you’re serious about writing, you’ll know that your time is best spent with your characters, not trying to remember the hundred other things that need to line up. Let Nas do that for you. You’ll be thanking me later, I promise!

Jennifer Faye

''I'd heard great things about Nas before I ever approached her. But more than that I noticed how hard she works for her authors. So when I sold, I knew who I wanted working on my team. Nas is great to work with, pleasant and reliable. She is always in the lead, pointing out fabulous opportunities to me and catching the things I miss. I'd be lost without her.''

Natalie Charles

After working with debut Harlequin Suspense author Natalie Charles, this is what Natalie had to say:

''I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for all you've done over the past few months. Hiring you to help me market THE SEVEN-DAY TARGET was hands down the right decision. You have made this entire process not only painless, but enjoyable! Thank you for the invaluable advice along the way, and for doing extra things like setting up Amazon Author Central and monitoring piracy sites. You've been, quite simply, outstanding. :-) ''

Wendy S Marcus

Wendy S. Marcus made this comment here.

''To anyone thinking about working with Nas, I HIGHLY recommend her. Nas has been a wonderful help to me on my 30 stop blog tour, some of which she scheduled and some of which I scheduled myself. She is a fantastic resource for marketing ideas. She is organized, prompt, and a wiz on the Internet. She is very well connected in the romance world but isn't afraid to search out new opportunities for promo. I absolutely LOVE
working with NAS. I would have lost my mind by now, for sure, if I didn't have her assistance. You can contact me at Wendy @ WendySMarcus.com (no spaces) with any questions.''