Robyn Rychards

The Rock Star's Escape: To Paradise (French Kiss Book 3)

By Robyn Rychards

Andree Bancroft lives a sheltered life on St. Barthelemy and there’s no place she’d rather be. When a famous singing artist shows up at the villa her father manages, she has no clue who he is. It’s the compelling man that attracts her.

Maximillian Chanteur is desperate. His fiancée dumped him, his muse has vanished and he’s sick of living in a fishbowl. Escape to an island villa is exactly what he needs. Andree Bancroft is not! 
Their time on the island and in the whirlwind life of a celebrity in the States, teaches them what’s really important. Being together. 

 The Professor's Secret

By Robyn Rychards

On the verge of graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Biology, Danielle Gerome loses her parents in a tragic accident. The last thing she expects is help from the art professor she’s admired from afar since she started college.

One semester with Danielle in his art history class and Shane Bancroft is sunk. Four years later, he still can’t stop thinking about her, but with tenure on the line, he doesn’t dare do anything about it. Glad she’s graduating soon, he can’t resist helping her when he sees her crying in the campus library one night. 

It doesn’t take long for him to wonder if tenure is worth the sacrifice, because Danielle helps him appreciate what’s really important.