Joanne Austen Brown

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Glenna's Future

Always Delia

The Secret Letter

A Partridge in My Family Tree

Molly's Laird

In her own time Molly is a fish out of water. But when she goes back in time to find some peace, after the deaths of all her family, she finds a new beginning.

Can all the promises of the past be true? What about the Fae? And can this handsome man be just for her?

Alasdair misses his brother but understands why he left. He is now Laird but is lonely. Will he find love like Duncan did? Who is the real Molly he cannot stop thinking of? Is she the answer to all he has been searching for? What are the Fae up to?

Sweet Christmas Secrets: A Regency Holiday Anthology

The Secret Letter

A game of secret letters ensnares “Cold” Cora Fitzgibbon into a confected courtship.

Secrets of The Soho Club: What happens in the Soho Club stays in the Soho Club

by Joanne Austen Brown

Joanne Austen Brown, Redemption
Two damaged souls find healing and love thanks to Mrs Skarsgard and The Soho Club.

Always Elspeth

by Joanne Austen Brown

Tragedy has followed Elspeth. Hoping for a new life she moves to the Isle of Skye. Can the society that she hates leave her to start again? What she cannot see is someone who is following her.

James has loved her all his life. Elspeth rejected him once but now she may be tempted to try love again. But in the shadows, someone is stalking her.

Can James and Elspeth renew the love they once had? And make it stronger? Or will the darkness overtake them?

Rachael's Jaunt (Come With Me Book 1) 

by Joanne Austen Brown

Rachael Fielding loves Scotland. She escapes her busy life for some down time but does not expect that time to be in 1822.  Is she dreaming? And why is the man she knows as her dream Scotsman suddenly there in front of her?

Duncan Murray is a laird though he does not want to be. But he was born to the position. Then Rachael shows up and his world is turned upside down. Can she be the love of his life and what have the Fae got to do with it?

Is she a spy for the soon to visit, King George 4th? Can he believe her stories of the future? The two will be tested to their limits. Will the Fae have their way and is there a future for Duncan and Rachael?

 Always Louisa

by Joanne Austen Brown

Louisa Stapleton has been disgraced and banished from Society. She wants to return to defend herself and seize the life she desires. Her father has obtained the help of the one man she sees as her nemesis. Arriving at the house party, she has her doubts about her success in returning.
Chalanor Farraday, the Viscount Lightford, had a hand in her downfall but he was not a willing participant. To redeem his honour he wants to help her back into the society that rejected her. But she hates him. That is the last thing he wants. Can he convince her to trust him?
Can they overcome the trials that they will face so that Louisa can obtain more than she had hoped for? Neither see the figures lurking in the shadows. They want to prevent her return to society. And they have their reasons for wanting her dead. Will they succeed?