Editing Fee Schedule

My services cover character arc and characterization, overall plot and plot-holes, timelines as well as spelling and grammar, formatting, awkward phrasing, and the small-scale issues that need to be conquered to make your writing flow smoothly–all for 3c per word.

I prefer to work in Word, using Track Changes, so you can see all the corrections and suggestions I make. I've edited books written in American and British English. And I charge by the word, not by the houryou'll know exactly how much to budget for.

(All prices are in US currency.) You need to Contact: Nas@NasDean.com and schedule your project. 

This is what you get:
  • Two full rounds of edits.
  • 3rd round edits available for an additional fee.
  • Marked-up soft copy (Track Changes) and a detailed report of my opinions/suggestions.

First Package 
Full Manuscript
Content edit. Two passes. 

Includes identifying/correcting (as appropriate): 
   misused words; 
   plot problems; 
   misplaced/lack of/inappropriate/too much/too little emotional reaction;  
   too much/too little/missing/irrelevant back story; 
   pacing problems; 
   inconsistent/weak characterization. 

Detailed report of my suggestions/opinions (first pass only). Email report and edited manuscript in Track Changes.

All these for 3c per word. 

Second Package 

Copy Edit

Final pass to ensure manuscript is error free, the best story it can be, and ready for publication. Includes: 

1. Correct typos and punctuation/grammar errors. 
2. Ensure consistency in spelling, use of ellipses and dashes, fonts, capitalization, etc.
3. Identify missing or misused words 
4. Ensure consistency of story elements 

And this package is 2c per word. 


Formatting for Kindle

$30 upto 50k words.

$50 for above 50k words—two formatsKindle and final word fileincluding TOC, all front matter (title page, linked TOC, copyright page) and back matter for your book (excerpts linked to buy page or website).

Please take note that I do not use any formatting software or any type of formatting template. I format from word document so if there are any special requirements, just let me know. 

For back matter updates only to your Kindle/Draft2Digital Files: $15.00 for each book. 

Recommended Services

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Nas with Mills and Boon UK editors, Flo Nicolls, Joanne Grant and author Rachael Thomas.